October 19, 2007

It's been one of those days.....

That I definitely feel like my life is living up to my flippant blog title....I figured, when I revised the title for the blog, that since I was a bit "fancy" shall we say with the title for my crochet blog (AngelGal's Crochet Antics, if you didn't already know), so that it wasn't just "Allison's Crochet" in the webring I joined, I should make the title here just as....unique. Because, hey, I'm unique. So, here I sit, with my 2 year old running around, even though I'd like to get him to bed, I have been trying for the last....I'll be honest, half an hour, as soon as we were back home, and I had given him a bath. I think part of the problem is that he's at that stage where sometimes he works well going to bed at a decent hour (namely, 8pm) if he gets a nap, is horrendously horrible and cranky if he doesn't get a nap, and just is too happy to stay up and play a ton if he does get the nap. So tonight is another night that he will be falling asleep after 10, despite my biggest desires and best efforts, and I won't be to bed until well after midnight :-(

Things started going downhill.....heck, let's face it, things started going down hill when T started his experimenting with pumpkins in pumpkin bread to get it ready to be in cheesecake, and I started going through all my yarn. Because they happened about the same time. I needed to go through my yarn, I'm never going to use all I had, at least not in individual projects. A garbage bag worth will go to D's Girl Scouts, I have a BUNCH in the living room, with intended projects for all of what's in there, stray small balls of yarn are in pull skeins for yo-yos, and I've got it all down to roughly 6 boxes, and I have 3 empty ones, that had had all sorts of different yarn in them. I'm happy :-)

But, then today really spiraled. The dishes haven't been all done for days. I do at least one sink full, but that's about where it stops. Gone are the days when I'd get it all done in one night. It doesn't help Mr. Baker---he just doesn't clean up after himself. It's a good thing that actually goes really quick.

Anyhow.....the dishes aren't done, and he's adding more. Not now, but he did today. 1 or 2 loaves of pumpkin bread (he bought 11 pumpkins last night. I added in one of those, so it's not ALL him). And a cheesecake because the crochet group was supposed to get together tomorrow.

Good thing we aren't now. I've got to go down to where D's girl scout troops it camping. It's a 30 mile trip the other way from where the group was going to be meeting. Oh....and getting him to bed isn't helped at all by the fact that he wants to know where his sister is....he keeps going "DD home?" Too cute. I love that he knows the word home. :-) Anyhow---she left her clothes in the trunk! :-S They were right under the stuff she DID bring!!! :-(

I have to say, it's not so bad as it could be. I sorted the box that I put the Penny Savers in when I've folded them. That went smoothly---most of the stuff was garbage. I did one sink of dishes. And I vaccumed the floor---both the rug and the kitchen floor. It goes quicker that way. I just have to fold the towels and my clothes, and finish the dishes, and the list I have on the white board in the living room will be done. :-) I even called to get a copy of D's immunization records so I have them, namely for girl scouts.

And, oh yeah, another library book is missing. :-(

T is leaving for work, I'm going to once again drag this guy to bed so he can fall asleep now that daddy's going to be gone, and then I'm going to go in, work on a kid sweater for donation at church, take a shower, read day 32 or 33 in The Purpose Driven Life, and then go to bed myself!!!!! I'll do the Penny Savers tomorrow---fold them I mean, I'll deliver them Sunday. After we bring D her clothes.

Now a rude surprise for the little guy!

Added on: I'm ready for bed. I can't wait to get a faster computer, the speed of this thing and how often IT freezes just drive me batty. That's why this isn't getting posted until like 4 hours after I wrote most of it!!! :-( In the mean time I've....taken my shower, read more of The Purpose Driven Life, responded to some questions in the bulk of chapter 32, read and responded a bit to chapter 33, read some of the Bible (I'm reading from the very beginning. No better place to start, huh? That's where God started...), worked on the sweater for donation, cleaned up my kitchen a little, found my cell (that was a bit of a surprise, especially since I had a flash of an idea that I would find it by just looking at something this evening. I hope the same would happen and soon for the library book. Maybe for both...) and decided I'm going to fold D's clothes with the rest of the pile I now have on the futon. Oh yeah, and I took 2 pictures, of afghans I have made recently, too. Now I have to go collapse in bed. :-( I don't like being up so late!