November 26, 2006

30 and I've reached my limit??

Well now, a lot has happened in the last week.

I've been having heart palpitations for a while, I really can't remember how long. It may have started as recently as April...I don't remember them happening before then, and there was a very stressful event that started then. I told my doctor about them at my monthly check up, which was almost 2 weeks ago. He ordered a stress test, echo, and an event monitor. He was really great, and I was able to have the stress test be a non-nuclear one so I could keep breastfeeding. It went well. I didn't have the heart palpitations after that, but then I didn't expect to either. :-| But I have of course had them since.

Our Thanksgiving went just fine. Didn't expect it not to. No real drama, unless you count my husband and I bumping around each other in the kitchen doing the last bit of prep for it. LOL. That's what happens when you have two cooks in a smallish kitchen :-D Many of our recipes come from either the Good Eats episode "Romancing the Bird" or from Everything turned out just GREAT. Especially the turkey. Alton's recipe's the only way to make it!!!! :-D My daughter helped with the pie crust for one of the pies---I had grabbed the wrong can of pumpkin, and we ended up being able to make 2 pies. She made one of the pie crusts :-D It was a bit tough, but she's new at it too :-D

The next day, our friends C and D stopped by. C's mom and dad live in town, so they came by to see us. Her 'rents and the 4 of us are the only reasons she says she has to come to town anymore---kinda sad because this is her hometown, and where she went to college, but then her other classmates have all gone home/moved away (one's dad is our mail carrier, so I've talked to him a few times about her :-)), so it's not much of a surprise. Many people I went to high school with are out of town too. Not as many as I would have thought, LOL!!!!

Thing is, after I brought the last of the veggies from T day in and C and I polished them off, I started feeling horrible. I'm now really starting to think it WAS (is?) the flu. That's about the only thing that the symptoms fit. I felt horrible all that evening, spent at least an hour, probably 2 on the couch (my husband had Thursday and Friday off, so he could be dad and take the load off of mom for a while), and my event monitor kicked in 5 times that evening---3 when I was about ready to faint, and 2 when I had gotten up after being on the couch for those 2 hours to get something to eat. Then once at 2 in the morning, and then this morning at 5. I also sent in one this afternoon, but that was the regular palpitations that I originally started complaining about. I don't like the monitor because it doesn't record on its own when I have my own problems, then when I'm just dealing with normal life, boom....?? I don't like the heart palpitations because they are bothersome, and occur when I'm friggin' trying to RELAX!!!! Not when I'm up and moving, which I would understand---when I'm sitting on the couch, at the computer, when I'm going to bed. I can't see any other reason than stress or being fat.

I can't do much to reduce my stress. I've got money stress----that's "normal" I've got to find a way to get rid of that problem. And I have. I've got life, husband, a house, etc. Normal, just gotta go with it. I've got outdoor life stress. Can't kill anyone, just gotta deal with that too. So, about the only thing I'm left with is losing weight. Which I intend to do whatever my doctor tells me. :-|

So I think I need to sit down with a bit of paper and do somethings an email from Flylady talked about today. And maybe some more deep thought with my journal again.

But now I have to get some sleep. So off I go :-)