November 18, 2006

11 years today

We've been married 11 years today, yippee. We went on a "date" and it went well. We saw Flushed Away then went to a local restaurant Ellicott Brewing Company West(Click on the Menu, it will give you the address to the one here in town :-)). Great food, it smelled awesome just as soon as we went in. And my husband loved the beers he had there. :-)

The only thing I don't like about today, really, is the fact that I now share an anniversary with a famous Tom---Tom *friggin* Cruise I can't stand the guy---haven't been able to since he broke up with Nicole Kidman, and what's more, most of his last few movies have been flops. I mean, have you SEEN War of the Worlds??? Gag me with a spoon, PUHLEASE!!!