June 07, 2007

Thursday's PODA

Here's how behind and out of it I am....even though I know that yesterday was Wednesday because D had her last concert (which I had to miss, boo hoo :-(...) of 5th grade (and her first playing her clarinet), I couldn't remember what day today is, LOL!!! 

I've had the most success getting myself a PODA, so I'll try a small one.  I've been out of sorts because I just haven't been getting to bed as I should---and then when I actually try to get to bed at a decent hour (11:30), P's in the middle of a nice crying fit because the poor little guy is miserable because he's sick :-(  I'm not totally sure what he has---he's got a bit of a fever (the worst was the second night he had this, he had a temp of 102, and I said to myself he's going to the doc!!!), he's got some congestion, and he looks horrible when he's not all drugged up!  LOL (on the drugged up part, not on looking horrible).  Oh well, that's my job as mommy, to nurse him back to health!  Unfortunately, we are still breastfeeding and his nose is so stuffed he can't have any!  He pops on and off...I'm going to attempt to teach him to blow his nose, since he WON'T let me suction it out.  That didn't help the crying fit last night.  I'm also going to see if I can get some oatmeal in his belly...he hasn't been eating as well as he usually does (he's got a pretty good appetite), but man did he inhale the spaghetti last night.  His butt's not the most comfortable either.  :-\

Anyhow, a mini PODA, and let's see how much I can get done of it before big sis gets home....

Get breakfast for both of us (oatmeal w/bananas)
Get us both dressed
Pick up/declutter floor
Collect any garbage that needs collecting
Wash dishes
Flip washer & dryer
Water plants (P loves this :-))
Teach P to blow his nose
Convince P to take a nap