March 28, 2007

Update & my week so far

List from the other day:

Lunch - done
Dishes - done (well, a few got left over :-\)
Floor - done
Vac - done
Post story (it's all written, just gotta write out a short bit of biographical information, and I'll be done :-) Oh yeah, and send it!) to contest - done
Go for walk - done

So far, this week has gone pretty well. I went for a walk on Monday---since it was so nice out, I decided to go outside at about 11 with P, and since D was home from school, she was out too. P decided he wanted to go for a walk, so we (he :-S) started down the sidewalk, holding mommy's hand. D came along with, and I joked to her about how daddy must be thinking "where are they?" since I had asked him if he was joining us, and he had yet to come out. Well, we got halfway to the corner, and her friend was outside playing at her house. D stayed there for a little bit while P and I headed back to the house to get his stroller so we could walk the rest of the way to the corner and go to the playground that wasn't too far away. We stayed there for a bit, then P and I went home to get lunch and get ready to get him down for his nap. A little while later, D and dad came home. It ended up just being a nice day all around.

Then we went outside again for a little while yesterday after P's nap. I went to Weight Watchers while they stayed home and played outside some more with the neighbor girls that have been D's friends since we moved in. I also had a couple other errands. I lost another 1.8 pounds this week, making it 17 so far! :-D Go me.

I plan on us going for a walk or playing outside sometime after P gets up from his nap, and probably about the time D gets home from school. The troubles we had been having getting to bed seem to have mostly gone. As long as I keep consistent with our sleep schedule---1-1:30 for naps, and between 8 & 9 for bed. Then he gets up anywhere from 6:30 to after 8. Which means he gets at least 12 hours a day, mostly at night, sometimes as much as 14 depending on how quickly after we lay down he falls asleep and when he gets up. His naps average about 2 hours. I'm very happy about that :-D

I've got a few other things I need to get done today---so far I've already vacced once (will have to again) flipped laundry (folded T's clothes, put the towels in the dryer and mine in the washer), done some dishes, picked up his toys so I can get the vac back out and clear up all that popcorn, and cleared the rest of the floor, plus sort some things out of a bag that I had started because of clearing off the couch to find my cell phone (there wasn't much, just a few things that had accumulated while I was sitting there. :-)).

So, here goes the list:

Order more catalogs
Go for walk/go outside
Fold clothes
Sort out P's to retrieve spring wear

Things I'd like to get done this week:

kitchen floor - sweep & mop
sort bills (special attention to looking for treadmill user's manual & find odds and ends I've kept for it)