January 05, 2007

This week's additions - updates

Dishes (isn't it always?) - M, T, W
- Monday - kid's - D
- Tuesday - mine - P's is in - done (just need to fold)
- Wednesday - T's - mine are done, just need to fold
- Thursday & Friday - collect up anything else
- Monday - pork chops in the crockpot - done
- Tuesday - cream chipped beef (buy a toaster first. Long story) - changed to crockpot chili - will get the toaster and make this maybe Friday
- Wednesday - Friday - gotta figure this out - had chili, hamburgers and hot dogs, a chicken/boxed side mix mix, tonight maybe the cream chipped beef as now I have money to get a toaster
Prep rent check - done
Post office prep
- fix/make any swaps that still need to be packaged - done
- hope that I finally get the payment for the stuff I'm going to send T3 so I can send all I need to - should be in PayPal soon!
- drop stuff off at the post office
Phone calls
- P's 2 yr - made
- Eye appointments for everyone (mine 1st because I NEED new glasses - and now we have vision coverage. REALLY GOOD vision coverage!!! :-D) - all 3 made - at the doctor I've gone to since i was a kid!!!
- Gyn appt. - just as I thought, with the problem :-( guess I need to get on the paper work :-(
- GP about event monitor/palpitations (I've had very FEW since I used that thing!!!)
- candle biz - filled out and enveloped!
- college loan consolidation - filled out and enveloped!