January 01, 2007

Christmas list - final update

The items that are done were all done in more than enough time for Christmas. Christmas went very well, too. We went to my parents', had a nice time with my dad, sister and brother in law, and everyone came away happy. Pretty much. Long story---but what did go 'wrong' got smoothed over very quickly. :-)

Make candy - in progress - done
Make fudge - done - 3 kinds!
Make cookies D and B like - done
Prep lasagnas for Christmas - tonight - done
Shop for Christmas dinner - done
Wrap dad's gift from my mom - done
Wrap mom's gift - done
Wrap DD's last gift - done
Wrap dad's afghan - done
Make snowflakes - in progress - still in progress. I'm thinking I'll starch them and hang them tonight. :-) - not finished---maybe for next year or something. They're not even dry yet...:-S
Make bear for P - probably after Christmas...it doesn't have to be for Christmas. The kids will take what I make at anytime, LOL!!!! - done and he likes it a lot :-)