August 11, 2006

We're baaaaaaaaack...

Actually, we've been back for about 3 weeks. But, now we're back online too. Our computer decided to finish biting the dust when we were away, so we haven't been able to get online at home. We've been going to the library and using the internet there. Now, we've borrowed my dad's "extra" tower, the one he got from his dad (he got one from us too, which is the one he uses), and we got a Road Runner modem. So, we're cooking with gas. We just have to wait until Tom can get ahold of a motherboard like the one we had (isn't ebay just the bee's knees?), and he installs that, then I can really get back to business.

Oh well, I guess that just gives me the extra time to work on the rest of the house. Cause now it really needs it. And since we plan on moving next year, I need to consolidate a lot of things. I'm hoping to find a bunch of things around to sell on ebay, so I'll be doing a lot of ebay stuff myself. Or things to get rid of by returning to WalMart. We'll see. Let's hope, huh?