May 12, 2005

Update and blabber...ha ha

Take a look, Crochet Dude's got a blog!

Baby boy's not breech, just crosswise and oddly positioned. His head's down near my right hip, his back is up against the top of my belly, as is the placenta. Not nearly urgent enough or worrisome enough to require a C-section. I wasn't scared of it...even with where I'm going to be having this kid and it's history both in this family and with other people we know of...not nearly as scared of it as I am of natural childbirth. I just don't want to have to go through what I went through the first time around again. I shouldn't have to...I've been told my body is more forgiving this time around, more able to handle giving birth naturally because of it's prior experience.

Now I'm just concerned about the fact that there's a lot of things lined up for that timeframe. My father in law is supposed to be out here at the time, so that should help some, but I'd hate for my husband to be out on the "CH Open" when I'm going into labor. Through his friends, my husband got into golfing, in part to join into the CH Open last summer and fill out the foursome that had already started. I don't know how well he does out there, what his handicap is or anything---but as long as he likes it and doesn't leave any of his golfing equipment out in my way, I'm happy!! I'd like to join him sometime---both just to watch, and to golf some myself. I tried a few swings when I was younger and an older cousin was into it, but nothing since then. Maybe one day he and I or even he, the kids and I can all get into it together. My daughter just loves doing anything with daddy, so it wouldn't be out of the question! :-)

Mom's doing okay. I talked to her today, and she sounded pretty good. I don't know how long I talked to her---I could probably call up the calling card and subtract about 3 to 5 minutes from how many minutes were used total---but it wasn't a quick "hi, love ya, bye" phone call, and that's all that really mattered. I walked around doing a couple things, then I think played a round of Tri-Peaks on Pogo, then my daughter came home just as my mom begged off the phone, so I think it was maybe 10 minutes or so. I measure how she's doing not just by how she sounds, like my dad does, but also by how long I talk to her. :-) I wish she was home now, but I think she will probably make it home in time for my sister's wedding.

I have a dress I hope to be able to fit into by December, for her wedding. I do plan on starting to lose weight as soon as I can after I have this kid. We'll see when I have him. Can't wait for him to come for a multitude of reasons :-)